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Beginning of IN-METAL formation

The beginning of IN-METAL formation can be traced back to 2011, when the modernization of the INOS production plant was started at that time, equipping the workshop with new equipment. The modernization of the company was fully completed in 2013 with the completion of the construction of one of the most modern paint and shot shops in the Baltics.

08 Feb 2013

08 Feb 2013

With increasing volumes

As the volumes increased, a decision was made to separate production from trade by establishing a production company called IN-METAL.

IN-METAL registered

IN-METAL was registered at the beginning of 2014 with the aim to satisfy the need for separate metalworking works or to provide a full metalworking production cycle in the production of metal components, structures and equipment.

08 Feb 2013

08 Feb 2013

The core of employees

IN-METAL has retained a core of management and employees with more than 13 years of experience in assembling, manufacturing and metalworking production lines.

Equipment from leading Western manufacturers

From the very beginning (since 2001), the company assembled equipment from leading Western manufacturers, producing only certain elements in its factory, such as transport elements and conveyors, storage bunkers, chimneys, etc. This made it possible to develop more cost-effective solutions for customers.

08 Feb 2013

08 Feb 2013

Production started

Later, the production of additional elements for production lines, which were made according to customer drawings or the company's technical drawings, was started.

First orders

Starting in 2011, the company fulfilled the first orders for industrial biomass boilers and wood drying chambers, which was joined by the production and restoration of other equipment.

08 Feb 2013


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